Hair Results

14 Apr

Hey Guys,

I know this is super late and I’m really sorry! As a result of a gazillion assignments I haven’t really been leaving the house a lot and therefore haven’t looked presentable in a really long time. Then when I finally looked like I wasn’t a sleep deprived hermit I realised that my hair colour in the photos taken by my phone camera looks nothing like my actual hair colour results, so I’m just going to ditch the photo idea and try to describe it as best as I can. So basically after using the colour remover, my the colour slowly reoxidised throughout the week until my hair was back to a medium brown, which was a little annoying. I then put Clairol Nice n Easy light ash blonde that I had bought through it (after waiting a week), but because my hair got darker, it didn’t really do anything. It was then that I realised that the only way it was gonna work was to bleach my hair. I got the Nordic Blonde Ultimate Lightener L1++ and put that on the lengths of my hair for 40 minutes and the roots for 5. The result of this was fiery orange hair. Like super light, ORANGE orange, with banana yellow roots – yay. THEN I put the L’oreal Superior Preference hair dye in light ash blonde through my hair and it calmed down the roots and made it a little less fluro, but it was still orange. I was freaking out just a little because I thought I had two 18th parties that weekend where I knew plenty of photos would be taken (turns out I was muddled up and they were both the weekend after, but that’s a different story). I researched for ages, searching for the answer, until I found one product in particular that apparently worked to get rid of orange hair: Clairol Nice n Easy in Medium ash blonde. I really didn’t want to go back there because it smells absolutely terrible but I bought it and did it that day. The result? Medium strawberry blonde hair! I am so happy with this result, it’s evened out a bit of the patchiness from the bleach and has completely toned down the brightness of my hair colour. The medium ashy tones counteracted the bright orange in my hair, and I’m actually growing quite fond of the strawberry. Now I can let my natural medium blonde hair grow out without having to worry too much about regrowth or anything of the sort. Honestly, my hair feels exactly the same as it did before this whole process, not damaged at all. It didn’t cause any split ends and none of my hair fell out. I do have extremely thick hair that can take a beating, so if you have thin or damaged hair I definitely recommend leaving a week or two between each dyeing. I am just so sick of the smell and process of hair dye and I am so happy that I don’t have to deal with all that anymore. I’ve also been using the oil elixir I mentioned in my last post, so maybe that helped with preventing/repairing any damage. So that was my experience of going from dark red to strawberry blonde hair, it was fairly painless although I did have to leave the house in the just bleached/ fluro orange stage which was a little uncomfortable. I hope that this can help you to decide what to do next with your hair. Going back to blonde was so much harder than expected, so if you’re dying your hair dark, make sure you think it through. I loved having dark brown hair, but it sure is good to be back :) 

Love, xoxo

Back to Blonde

2 Apr


Today I made an impulsive decision to ditch my dark hair and go back to my roots, literally. I naturally have medium ashy blonde hair and lately I’ve been missing it a little bit. The last dye I used was a L’Oreal Castings in “Chocolate Brownie,” a colour that in my opinion would have been more aptly named “Red Velvet Cupcake.” I liked it at first, but as my red roots started fading to an unflattering orange I decided that enough was enough. This, along with the research I did into health and chemicals in hair dye helped me to make my mind up, all in the space of about ten minutes. I have only ever used semi permanent dye on my hair, but the way I am getting back to my natural colour works for permanent colours as well. So today I went to Terry White Chemists and bought three things:

1. JoBaz Hair Colour Remover in max strength

2. Clairol Nice n Easy permanent hair dye in “Natural light ash blonde”

3. And the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Oil Elixir Serum to keep my hair healthy in the process.

My plan was to use the colour remover to try get as much of the dye buildup out as possible, then try tone the ruddiness with the Nordic Blonde Toner (that my sister had bought earlier) and then put an ashy blonde colour over the top of whatever I was left with, one shade lighter than I needed to get rid of any more red tones and restore it to hopefully my natural colour. So far I’ve only completed step 1 – the colour remover. I didn’t want to do it all on the same day because my hair would absolutely fry, but it actually isn’t as damaged as I thought it would be after the colour removal step. The colour removal process itself is pretty much exactly like dying your hair – you mix two bottles together and stick it on, wait 30 minutes to an hour and then wash it off; however there is one more step, the buffing. It’s just like shampooing your hair over and over again for around 20 minutes – super boring. Although the process of applying it is similar to dying you hair, the chemicals do the complete opposite. They shrink the colour particles and allow them to be washed out and supposedly restore your natural colour (unless hair is bleached). Don’t ask me about the science behind it haha, I have no clue. Anyway, so I did this earlier today and was pretty happy with the results. I left it in for 45 minutes and my hair went from a very dark red/brown to a dark strawberry blonde/light brown. This was done without bleaching, and now when I run my fingers through my hair it feels as soft as ever. I highly recommend both the colour remover and the oil elixir. Unfortunately my phone camera can’t really capture colours well, but I took some photos anyway to give you a rough idea of the difference:


My Natural Colour


The Dark Red – Sorry about the terrible quality, I didn’t take any photos of just me with this colour.


And at last, the colour I was left with after using the JoBaz Colour Remover Max Strength.

I promise I’ll have better before and after photos to show you guys once I do a post about the final results, including the ash blonde dye. So far it’s been a pretty painless process, with little to no damage to my hair! Hallelujah! Although it did take a long time, the JoBaz colour remover really is an amazing product, and I wasn’t expecting it to work as well as it did. The colour I was left with is completely even and it’s actually growing on me, although I am excited to be back to blonde. I have had a good time on the dark side and it’s good to know that if I do want to go back I can, but for now, so long dark and mysterious!

If all goes well, next time I post on this blog will be when I’m back to blonde!


Life Update

26 Mar

Hey guys,

I cannot believe that it’s Wednesday already! I’ve been so insanely busy this past week with uni and my family coming to visit me in Brisbane that it feels like no time has passed at all. Today’s post is going to be a little short because I still have so much to do and it’s already 10:00pm, so I’m just going to do a quick life update. Enjoy!

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts now, my family came to visit this past weekend! That includes my parents from Cairns and my Auntie and Uncle all the way from Switzerland. It was wonderful showing them around the city and spending some quality time together, and it made me realise how much I miss them all. Moving out is a strange thing in the fact that you gain so much freedom yet so much responsibility all at the same time. On the Saturday we explored the city, botanical gardens and had a nice lunch at South Bank before heading over to Max Brenner for chocolate and strawberries. If you’re visiting Brisbane I highly recommend going there for dessert, it’s heaven. For dinner we went to an amazing Japanese restaurant right at the river called Saké. The service was really quick and the food was incredible! But before that we went to the Jade Buddah Bar to wait because everywhere was so full and we hadn’t made a reservation. That’s where most of these photos were taken by a lovely, slightly drunk lady sitting close by…


So anyway, that’s about all that’s happened this past week. I also dyed my hair a bit of a different colour. It doesn’t really show in the photos but it came out a little more reddish than I expected, but I’m getting used to it haha. I’m not quite sure what I should do with my hair next – should I go back to my natural blond, should I go light brown or should I keep it dark? I’m not really sure. Any-who, I’m going to go make myself a coffee and start/finish my uni assignment now but I’ll be back next Wednesday at the latest with hopefully something very interesting to write about. Talk soon!



P.S. The photos are from my instagram,


Wednesday is Blogday – A few things About Me

20 Mar

Hey Guys,

According to my Uni timetable, Wednesday is the day that I have the most time in the afternoon for blogging so I’ve decided that Wednesday is Blogday. I’ll be posting something new every Wednesday from now on, so at least one post per week. Considering the fact that it is Thursday evening it doesn’t seem to be going too well, but I guess only time will tell. I just need to get into a bit of a rhythm. Anyway, for today I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me, just some random facts and things I do so you can get to know me better. I know I don’t have many readers at all, but I’m doing this anyway to feel more connected with the world and myself in a strange way I guess. So, enough with my rambling, here are 30 facts about me!

  1. As you know, my name is Tamara Drazic.
  2. I live in Australia and I recently moved from Cairns to Brisbane for University.
  3. I’m 17 years old, turning 18 in December, meaning lots of long hectic nights at home while my roomies and friends enjoy the nightlife without me ;D
  4. I love writing and acting and I’m currently at uni studying to become a writer.
  5. I’m still working on a book that I started writing three years ago and hope to publish it someday.
  6. I’m a really optimistic person and strongly believe that (almost) everything happens for a reason. 
  7. My pet hate is when people are arrogant and/or judgmental.
  8. I also hate conflict.
  9. I should be doing an assignment right now but instead I’m making a long list of facts about myself that will probably never be read by anyone.  
  10. I also absolutely love travelling and experiencing new cultures and food and definitely want to be a travel writer at some point in my life.
  11. I want to do a lot of things and always worry about not getting to do them all.
  12. I’m an advocate for doing what you love, not what you’re expected to do.
  13. Some of my favourite moments are spent alone on the bus home listening to Michael Bublè’s Christmas songs and thinking about how wonderful life is. 
  14. I love Christmas songs and Disney films.
  15. I’m a hopeless romantic and I celebrate the beauty in emotion. 
  16. I have an amazing older sister and I hope that some day my kids will be there for each other like we always are.
  17. I’m Swiss German, Australian, and a little bit Serbian from my Dad’s side, hence my last name.
  18. I love Winter and snow and winter fashion and all that jazz. 
  19. I have lots of people that I miss coming to visit me this weekend and I am so excited.
  20. I am generally a very happy person and try not to let little things get me down.
  21. I own way too much make up. 
  22. I watch way too many makeup tutorials.
  23. When I was a kid my favourite hobby was writing poetry…
  24. I subconsciously change my hair every time something big happens in my life (end of a relationship, graduating, going to Europe).
  25. I am a cat and dog person.
  26. I frequently get told that I am “too happy” and that people don’t like me or even, I quote, “hate” me because of it. I’m just content.
  27. I’ve recently found out that no matter what you do there will always be people who are against you, and your job is to do what makes you happy, not to please everyone at your expense.
  28. My favourite movies are August Rush, Tangled, Frozen and Les Miserables.
  29. My favourite foods are lasagne, sauteed mushrooms, Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli, and of course Lindt Chocolate.
  30. And last of all, my favourite quotes are: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein, and “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank.

So that’s me guys! I really enjoyed writing this, it made me realise a couple of things about myself that I hadn’t really thought of before. If anyone is reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and it didn’t bore you to death haha. If you have anything to say in response to this please leave a comment, I’d absolutely love to hear from you and I check back every day. Until next Wednesday Blogday,

Lots of Love, xx



Favourite Drugstore Lip Products – Australia

10 Mar

Hey lovelies!

I’ve noticed that out of the countless blogs I’ve read on this topic, not many of them target the Australian audience. This is really frustrating because I find myself getting distracted by how much cheaper the products are in the US instead of actually reading about the products, haha. So I decided to just write my own list of my favourite drugstore lip products, Australian style. These are all products that have worked really well for me, and I hope I can help some of you find some new favourites from this list. They are in no particular order… Here it goes!

I’m just going to start off with my favourite drugstore lipsticks of all time, the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks. I have three of these in the colours 111 Kiss of Life (matte red), 19 (dark musky pink) and 07 (natural, my-lips-but-better colour). I have one of each of the Kate Moss collections, and all three of them are equally as good as each other. Their lasting power is amazing, they have a very feint, pleasant smell, and they are really moisturising. I can honestly say that I reach for these a lot more often than my MAC lipsticks. If you haven’t tried these and are looking for a good everyday lipstick that won’t flake and has amazing colour pay off, I suggest you go try these asap! They retail for around $10 to $13 depending on the collection, which is less than half of what we pay for a MAC lipstick here.

My next favourite drugstore lip product is the Revlon Colorburst lipstick in 096 Petal. It is such a pretty pink colour and lasts nicely on the lips for around 4 hours. It smells  like vanilla, but again the smell is not overpowering. It’s just a super pretty colour and I love how it is sheer yet very buildable. I got mine on sale at Cosmetics Fragrance direct for $7, but I know they retail here for around $20. I wouldn’t buy this one full priced over the Rimmel Kate, because I feel that they’re the same quality. Revlon is just hideously expensive in Australia for some reason.

The next product is the Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish lipstick. This is the newest addition to my makeup collection and I absolutely love it. It comes in the form of a lip crayon, and the packaging is almost identical to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. It twists up at the bottom so there is no sharpening required! I got the colour Fuchsia Libre, it’s a really pretty intense fuchsia colour that I adore. It looks so pretty next to pale skin because it’s bright but without being in your face. It claims that it lasts on the lips for 10 hours, which is true to some extent. By the 5th hour or so there is only a hint of colour left on the lips, but this hint of colour does last almost, if not 10 hours, almost like a stain. It has a really nice, barely-there smell and no taste at all unlike the Revlon Balm Stains, so if you were bothered by the smell or taste of the Revlon ones but like the concept of a long lasting lip crayon I highly recommend trying these out. They retail for $15.95, which is also $2 cheaper than the Revlon Balm Stains. Their only downfall in my opinion is their colour range, only available in four colours.

My next favourite drugstore lip product is another from Rimmel, it’s the Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 330 Snog. I just love how natural this gloss looks and feels on the lips. It’s a gorgeous, sheer, medium pink colour that would go perfectly with any skin tone. The shine lasts about two hours, which is pretty good for a non-sticky lip gloss. I found that it can get a bit sticky if a lot is applied, but no where near as sticky as my Calvin Klein gloss. It’s perfect if you want naturally voluptuous looking lips. I’ve also found that once the gloss wears off, the lips are left super soft and moisturised. This would be a result of the shea butter, ginseng extract and grapeseed oil that’s in the gloss to keep your lips happy! The Rimmel Vinyl lip gloss retails for around  $13.

While we’re on the topic of Rimmel… The next drugstore lip product I’ve chosen for this list is the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer. I’d never tried a lip lacquer before this one, so this product opened my eyes to the wonderful world of light, extremely pigmented colour! Mine is in the colour Celestial which is a gorgeous dark pink with the perfect amount of shine. It is not sticky at all and goes on completely opaque with only one layer. A little goes a long way with these as well. They have an interesting scent, nothing too invasive, and I just love the packaging. They go on really wet and do dry to an extent; however they transfer like crazy. They last really well but do need to be reapplied after eating. I love the colour Celestial because it’s bright and fun but can also be worn in Winter because it’s quite a dark pink and makes your complexion look rosy and healthy. If you’re really sensitive to smell the Rimmel Apocalips may not be right for you, it’s a smell I still can’t pin point, but luckily it dissipates after a while. I would definitely recommend them nonetheless! They retail for about $15 each but I got mine on sale for $11, so keep your eye out for sales!

I know this is getting really long, but there are only two more! I just had to put this one on this list – Maybelline Baby Lips lip glow lip balm in Mixed Berry. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them already so I’m not going to go into detail. Think tinted lip balm that stains your lips better than a lip stain. I wear this every single day, either by itself or under my lipstick. It goes on almost clear and adapts depending on the colour of your lips, giving you the perfect pink glow. I’m sure that once it’s finished I’ll be going back and getting another one. The best thing about them is that they retail for around $4!

The last but definitely not least is a lipstick that I’ve had for a looong time, the Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in the colour Fervor 235. This is the perfect lipstick for all seasons, I like to dab it onto my lips for a soft red stain in summer and spring, and in Autumn and Winter or just when I feel like wearing a darker colour I find myself constantly reaching for it. It is so moisturising and the colour leaves the perfect amount of stain. I find that despite its darkness I can still wear it without a lip liner. Another reason why I am in love with this lipstick is the fact that I can wear it despite my pale skin. It’s the perfect dark rosy plum colour but not too dark. I never hear about this lipstick on youtube or anything and I don’t understand why it isn’t raved about. It’s definitely an underdog product that deserves more recognition. If you want the perfect dark plummy/pink lip colour that is ultra moisturising and leaves a pretty rosy stain, this is for you. It retails for around $13 and I would, again, go for this instead of my MAC lipsticks more often than not.

So that’s it guys, my favourite drugstore lip products of all time. I hope you enjoyed reading and have found some products you’d like to try. I’m sorry for the lack of photos in this post, I’ve just moved and don’t have a camera at the moment. If you google image the name of the product I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for :)

Lots of Love,

Tamara. Joy xo

The Rediscovery

7 Mar

Hello anyone out there who is vaguely interested in reading about the topics that I like to write about,

I am completely aware that I haven’t touched this blog in two years, making me probably one of the least consistent bloggers out there, but I think I’m ready to start again. This year I started university, studying Creative and Professional Writing, and today my lecturer was telling us about the wonderful world of blogging. To be honest I had completely forgotten that this blog existed until that moment, but it somehow reignited the fire inside me that made me want to have my voice heard. In a magical, miraculous moment I remembered my wordpress password, and, well, here I am.

Until we speak again,

yours truly,

Tamara Joy

A Sentimental Suitcase

13 Nov

I am so excited. A few days ago I bought my new suitcase and oh my goodness, it’s beautiful. I know you’re probably thinking – It’s a suitcase, it has to be practical, not beautiful. That’s what the shop assistant thought. She didn’t tell me straight out but I could tell from all of the dirty looks and rolled eyes she pointed in my direction whenever I mentioned an ugly colour or a beautiful pattern. In my defence, I believe that your suitcase is not only your bag to carry your valuables during your travels. It’s the thing that you’re clutching excitedly and a little nervously at the airport, the item close to you as you take your first steps into your dream holiday destination. It’s the thing that you wait for anxiously at the conveyor belt, hoping that it got through safely. I wanted my suitcase to be individual, so that I’d know the moment I saw it that it was mine. I wanted it to reflect my personality, to match my outfit I would be wearing at the airport, and to match the beautiful scarf I’d just bought. Throughout your travels, your suitcase becomes kind of your companion, the thing that holds all your new found treasures; whether they be those heels you found in Milan or that pebble you picked up off of the ground in Paris. To me, a suitcase represents travel; going somewhere; something special, rarely used. So next time you go suitcase shopping, don’t just buy the most ordinary thing you can find. Take some time to look around and find something special that you love and look forward to take with you on your travels.


Yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say, just another little passionate vent about travelling :’) I hope you enjoyed reading, although this one is just a kind of me thing haha, just felt like telling the world. Like, comment and follow, and I’ll try my best to get back to you! xoxo

p.s. 17 days to go!

Oh and p.s.s. My camera is ordered! I am getting the sony cyber-shot hx30v, and I’ll hopefully be writing a quick review if I have time, so keep checking in the weeks to come x

A Traveller’s Checklist

12 Nov

Hello dear readers!

As you all know, I will be heading over to Europe in 18 days, and I am so excited – I’m going out of my mind! This morning I was thinking about everything that I had to bring and had to do before I left, and I decided that I’d write a post about it to not only help myself to remember, but other traveller’s as well. So here it goes….

1. Take care of responsibilities at home

This includes your  job (see “The Step by Step Guide to Quitting your Job”), your pets (find someone to take care of them while you’re away), your house (have people check on belongings etc.), your cars (have someone turn on the motor every couple of weeks) and so on. Make sure you have these things sorted really early on in case people can’t go through with it. I know you’re excited but you have to remember the important things!

2. Check your bookings

Sometimes airlines have to change times pretty close to the date, so just make sure you know when to show up at the airport! For international flights remember to get to the airport at least one and a half hours before departure. Aim for two!

3. Sort out your finances

When I go to Europe I will be using a multi currency cash passport through Credit Union Australia. My family has used it before and it’s always worked perfectly, no dramas. I have heard that some people had problems at some ATMs in Italy while using the cash passport through Commonwealth bank, so just be aware. Read some reviews, and check the exchange rate before you go to the bank to activate your card.

4. Appropriate clothing

Here comes the fun part… clothes shopping! According to the season, the place and the amount of time you are going for, you’re going to need different clothes. I will be going to Europe for two months (December and January) so I’ll be needing plenty of warm clothes. I suggest bringing 3 of each thing that needs washing after every use (underwear) so you can wear one, have one in the wash and a spare one in your bag at all times. Don’t bring more than necessary, because remember, you only have 20 kilos! Have casual, formal and everyday wear, because you never know where you’ll be going – that’s the fun of travelling. You have to be prepared but not overly prepared, because unless you’re going somewhere rural, remember that there are shops there and you won’t need to have everything before you get there. Just enough to be comfortable until you can go shopping again. Shoes are also an important part of your travels – cold feet can ruin your whole day. It is worth it to spend a bit of money on good, sturdy shoes that will last you your whole holiday. I got mine from It’s Extreme for $72 down from well over $100, so remember to keep an eye out for bargains!  A month before you go, I suggest checking all that you have already. Then write a list of essential things you still need, and another list of things that you will buy when you arrive there. This way you’ll have plenty of time, you’ll be prepared, and you’ll also be under the weight limit!

4. Necessities

Pack YOUR PASSPORT,  toothbrush, toothpaste, make up,  a face towel, hair brush, a bottle of water, some cash in the currency of the place you are going, your mobile phone + charger, your camera + charger + USB cable, laptop (for photo storage + backup), power plug adapter, suitcase keys and anything else you think you’ll need on the plane flight into your hand luggage bag. Get one that is easy to carry and comfortable on your shoulder/s, so that you won’t be uncomfortable during stopovers.

5. Packing your Suitcase

I suggest doing this two nights before you leave, so that you still have a bit of time for last minute shopping, but pack your hand luggage the day before because you will still need the items in there. Choose the outfit/s you will wear on the plane flight and hang them up in your cupboard instead of packing them. Make sure everything is secure and protected in your suitcase. If things are easily breakable, cover them with something soft and put them in the middle of the suitcase. Make sure to put things you will need most on top so that they are easily accessible.

6. Lift Off!

Now that you have everything sorted, all you can do is wait. I have been counting down since 250 days, and now it’s finally 18! No matter how far away your holiday may seem, I promise you the time will come so much faster than you expected. In this waiting period, I like to google things to do in my destination, and make a rough holiday plan. But remember to leave space to be spontaneous! One last thing… Have the time of your life. Leave all of your worries behind – you can tend to them when you get back.

Please tell me anything I’ve forgotten in the comments below, as well as experiences (good and bad) from your travels – I’d love to hear  them! Thanks for reading,

- x

The Step by Step Guide to Quitting your Job

11 Nov

Ok, so at the beginning of this year I got a job at a clothes shop and I absolutely hated it. I had three managers, a laid back, ‘do whatever you want’ type, a kind of nice, ‘I hate my job’ type and a grouchy, ‘I take my job way too seriously’ type. Every shift I had I would go in there and just want to die until my shift ended, because I constantly felt like I was wasting my life away. I couldn’t stand walking around in the artificial light cleaning dust off of shelves and straightening clothes all day long while the sun was shining outside. On top of this, school was getting really busy. So anyway, one day, after a really long shift, I decided that enough was enough. There was no point working at a place that ruined my weekend and my whole week, and always trying my best without getting any recognition at all so I decided to quit. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, so I’m going to help you enhance your life:

Step 1: Decide whether or not the money is worth it. Being a teenage casual worker I earned less than $10 per hour, so the money was definitely not worth it in my case. I still live with my parents and don’t have to pay the bills myself. If you have to pay all your bills yourself and rely on the pay, you should probably wait until you have another job before quitting. But if you’re like me, a teenager who  feels like they need to do more important things with their life, continue to step 2.

Step 2: Deciding when to quit your job. DO NOT just quit your job on the spot. You need to do your best to keep on good terms with your  ex-employers so that they give you a good reference when you’re looking for a new job. You need to take into account which manager will be working when you want to quit, whether you want to quit before the store opens, during your lunch break or after the store closes. Your employer will need two weeks notice before you quit, so you will still have to work there for a while after quitting. I’ll be honest, those two weeks are plain awkward; there’s no way around it, but you can make it less awkward by keeping on good terms with your employer, and writing a killer resignation letter. See step 3.

Step 3: Writing the resignation letter. I know it’s kind of sad, but this was one of my favourite moments. Like ever. I started my letter with: ‘Dear management at …………’ Then I continued to tell them my ‘reason’ (planning to focus on my studies) and told them that due to this, I had to resign my position with them. Then I thanked them for the opportunity and for all the valuable life skills that I’d learnt through working with them. You’ll also need to state the last possible date that you can work with them (in two weeks time.)  Make sure your resignation letter doesn’t give them anything to complain about, so that your last two weeks there will be the best as opposed to the worst.

Step 4: Quitting. So you’re really ready to quit your job. You’ve decided whether or not it’s worth it, decided on the right time to quit and written a flawless resignation letter. There is only one thing left to do, the thing you’ve been fantasizing about since your first shift – quitting your job. I quit mine at the end of my shift, when I went to get my bag from my locker. The store was already shut and I was working with the nice manager who hated her job, and I quickly caught her on her way out and said ‘I’m sorry, but I have to resign my position, due to ………..’ I then gave her my resignation letter and told her I would see her next week, and then I was off. If I could do it again, I think I would quit during my lunch break, because my manager was so ready to go home that I almost didn’t catch her!

So there you go, two more weeks and it’s all over. If you’re nervous about quitting your job, just take a deep breath and think about the freedom you will feel afterwards. Think about this job as a short chapter of your life which was a good experience, and think about everything you’ve learnt from them and how it has made you a better person with a stronger direction of where you want to go with your life career wise. All I know is that I am never going into retail again. As you probably know, I am going to Italy in 19 days, and right now I am on top of the world. I know I want to do something with writing, and I know I will be going to Europe worry- free. Life really is great. If you want to feel like this I suggest you follow these steps, quit your job and run away to Europe for a while. If money is tight, get a different job before quitting, and then go travelling in the holidays once you have saved up a good amount. Just don’t let your life slip away from you. Live, love and laugh as much as you can, and don’t waste your time doing something you hate. Find your passion and chase it. Ask me any questions, any time, and be sure to tell me how you went!

Over and out,

Hello World

11 Nov

Welcome to my blog! 

In the near future you’ll find details and photos from my trip to Europe, travel, tutorials, reviews, tips about life and fashion and all that good stuff. Make sure you check back soon to read some more and tell me what you want me to write about. I hope to hear from you soon, and thanks for reading,



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